The mission of Christ Covenant School is to disciple covenant families who have a desire to be trained in a Biblical view of Christian life and education, and to be intimately involved in their children’s education. CCS functions in a similar fashion to a home school co-op, except it is done explicitly and purposefully in the context of a church and school setting. Homeschool students are enrolled in the school for the purpose of participating in the classes it offers, with classes held on Mondays and Tuesdays during the traditional school year.

The homeschooling parents are asked to volunteer their time in classroom activities as teachers, teachers’ aides or nursery workers for younger children while their siblings are in class. They are also requested to take additional training to enable them to renew their minds and be role models for our covenant children. In addition, CCS teachers and staff are available to meet with parents to assist them in making their home school successful.

Christ Covenant School began in the fall of 2004, with 18 students. We currently offer classes through the 12th grade.

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